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Koshihikari, rice of the highest quality in Japan

Koshihikari is the name of a rice variety. The Koshihikari rice produced in Minamiuonuma is the best brand of rice among the Koshihikari that is the most delicious in Japan. It has maintained the number one position in the Rice Taste Ranking announced annually by the Japan Grain Inspection Association. Try and experience not only the taste, but also the luster, aroma, and texture and enjoy Japan’s highest quality produce to the fullest.


Reasons why Koshihikari produced in Minamiuonuma tastes best among Japanese rice brands

Clear snowmelt water

The Uono River and the Nobori River join in the northern part of the former Shiozawa-machi, and there are many branch rivers that run into it. The water source for these rivers is snow that has fallen and piled up during winter. Clear snowmelt has excellent water quality and provides a stable amount of water for the rice fields. This water is indispensable for the growth of Shiozawa Koshihikari.


Temperature differences nurture the great taste.

The temperature in the Minamiuonuma region is high during the day, a characteristic of basin areas, and drops radically at night due to radiational cooling. Such a climatic environment of the former Shiozawa is ideal for the cultivation of high quality Koshihikari.


Advanced agricultural techniques

Since ancient times, agricultural techniques in this region have been high and highly acclaimed internationally. At present, the region continues its ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the quality of rice by annually conducting an eating quality inspection and providing agricultural guidance to each farmer.






  Authentic spa atmosphere and heartwarming hospitality  

Hot springs in Minamiuonuma City are truly the traditional hot springs of Japan. Japanese dishes served in a hot spring inn are another pleasure of a trip to Minamiuonuma as you can enjoy Koshihikari, Japan’s number one rice, and mountain vegetables and river fish dishes that can be served only here.


  A galaxy of winter resorts  

Minamiuonuma City is in one of the heaviest snowfall areas in the world. Consequently, it has well-equipped ski facilities and ski schools that cater to the every need of skiers from beginners to advanced and enjoys a high reputation among domestic and international ...


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